Is Your Wrought-Iron Fence Damaged?

Make time for a professional wrought-iron fence repair in Ojai, CA and Ventura and Santa Barbara counties

Wrought-iron fences are prone to rust, corrosion and dents. That's why it's so important to schedule an iron fence repair at the first sign of damage. Mckay's Painting Inc. will examine your fence to determine the scope of the job. If the damage is minor, we'll repair it and then paint your fence. If it's severe, we'll replace the affected areas.

Call today to schedule an iron fence repair in Ojai or Ventura, CA.

Trust professional welders to fix your damaged fence

Fence welding is the solution to severe rust and corrosion. Our team will remove the affected area, then fabricate a new metal piece to put in its place. We'll prime the surface, then paint it to give your fence a high-end finish.

When you need professional fence welding services, look no further than our team. Contact us now to set up your service in Ojai or Ventura, CA.